Healthy choccies! Yummy!

Healthy choccies! Yummy!

Some imperfections on the Choccies but I kinda like that. Especially as we all have imperfections in each of us! With Christman around the corner you could make these for your loved ones ❤️❤️Healthy Choccies that the ingredients can actually help you be healthy and lose weight! I know right! #chocolate#rawcacao #coconutoil #chiaseeds#nutbutter#naturopathicmedicine #naturopath #nutritionaltherapy #nutrition #healthiswealth #eatasmanyasyoulike #foodasthymedicine


3 tbsp of coconut oil

4 tbsp of raw cacoa

Smash some unsalted mixed nuts together with a rolling pin! (Alternatively ground the nuts! ha) We like our nuts chunky!

Add 1 tbsp of nut butter (we use cashew or Almond)

Add 1 – 2 tbsp of Rice syrup, or maple syrup or we used honey as that’s all we had.


Mix and mix and mix (give it some elbow!)

We put ours into a silicon sweet moulds.

Pop in the fridge ready to eat about 20 mins later.

The task is not to eat them all at once!

Things to play with adding:- Raisins, Goji Berries, Coconut flakes, we added Chia seeds tonight!

Honestly, it takes 5 mins to do and is totally worth it!

Yummy! Enjoy xx

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