About Me

About Me

Victoria Godfrey

Nutritional Therapist, dip CNM, BANT, CHNC

Hatha Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master

In a previous life I was a TV producer, having worked in television and advertising and live events for 22 yrs, so I completely understand the day to day pressures of a fast paced life and the stress that lifestyle brings, having no time, eating badly and feeling permanently exhausted. I therefore have first hand experience of how simple diet and lifestyle changes can make massive difference to how you feel.

I am very passionate about helping people to create the right environment for helping their body to heal. If you feed a car – diesel (and its a petrol car!) , it won’t work correctly and vice versa. The car comes to a halt and before you know it, you’ve spent several hundred pounds emptying the tank. Well the body at dis-ease is a little bit like that.

I have suffered from migraines since I was 14 yrs old, I have tried so many things and yoga is the only thing I have found that really helps me manage them.

When I worked in television industry, I would go off to India for 1 month at a time to do yoga and ayverdic medicine. This would be my one treat and big break a year.

Everytime I returned from India, I wouldn’t suffer a migraine for 6 months, and much more energy and some weight loss. I always returned back to London feeling amazing.  Before I knew it, old habits would slip back in, drinking and eating badly would start, and making excuses of why I couldn’t go to yoga classes. I did this three years on the trot and it was my second visit that I realised how much yoga was helping me bring my body back into balance.

In 2011 I embarked on my yoga teacher training, so I could help manage my migraines better, as yoga seemed to the answer.  (And over the years I tried many things from acupuncture, reiki, reflexology, chinese herbs, Amitriptyline, Beta blockers, epileptic drugs that the dr’s saw fit to prescribe me. ) Which all made me ill in some manner of a side effect.   And none of it helped with my migraines.

By the time I was pregnant with my first child at 37,  I was told I would be on blood pressure medication for the rest of my life.  No guidance of nutrition from the doctors, just “Here is some medication” and you will take this to the end of your life.

In 2012, I enrolled on a course at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, studying, Biomedicine, and Naturopathic Nutritional therapy.  Encompassing Lifestyle, Nutrition and supplements to support the body to bring it back to balance.  The course was so mind opening.  I never knew that food could be so healing and also damaging.  What works for one person is another mans poison.

By the time I had my second baby, I was off the blood pressure medication (The Dr’s had put me on Blood pressure medication at a major period of stress in my life and said I would be on them for the rest of my life. But by the time I had the second baby I was slimmer than I had been through the first pregnancy.  My obstetrician wrote in my notes that “She says She has come off the blood pressure medication, and her blood pressure is fine 120/80 and victoria says it is from lifestyle changes and nutrition” in disbelief!

The healing from my c-section 2nd time around was also a completely different experience.  I was up and about within a couple of days, and had my stitches out 5 days (Instead of 8 days as recommended on 2nd C section.) The midwife called me a superwoman, and said she had never seen anyone sit up crossed legged in bed after a C section.

The only thing I can put it down to was I was taking care of myself better.  I was eating organic food, all cooked from scratch, no processed food, hardly any sugar unless it was from a natural source, and no chocolate and crisps (which I ate lots of in my first pregnancy!)

The model we followed and studied was based on the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) to get to the root of the problem.  Functional Medicine focuses on a highly individualised and scientifically based approach to health with the emphasis on addressing underlying imbalances rather than just dealing with a set of symptoms. I apply this approach to all my clinical cases.

So I’m also a hatha yoga teacher, a pregnancy yoga teacher (Tri Yoga teacher training ) and a reiki master since 2006.   I also studied Yoga and meditation in Kerala, South Goa, and Risikesh where I completed a 10 day Osho Meditation course, a ancient kundalini one to one training with a himilayan yogi and scholar as well as doing yoga with a 104 yr old which was a pretty amazing class 🙂 .

I cannot stress how much studying Yoga, meditation and nutrition has changed my life. I hope it does yours too

Vicky x

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