Cancer Consultation

Cancer Consultation

Initial Consultation.              First Option. Up to 2 hours £225.

This is our preferred and highly recommended option for an initial consultation.  This option gives you time for a comfortable explanation of the recommendations made to you and time to ask whatever questions you may have.

During this time, we will take a case history and lay the foundation designed to help you achieve your desired outcome. You are asked to bring your medical records with you.

Initial Consultation:              Second Option. Up to 1 hour £125

This option is available if finances are limited or if you want to explore the possibilities we can offer and then make a preliminary start.  However please be advised that the time is very limited and a second consultation is almost always required to lay a sound foundation and give complete with explanations.

Initial Consultation:              Third Option.  Up to 30 minutes £65

This option is appropriate if you wish to find out, in brief, how A Natural Path works, and what options are available to you.  There is no need to bring anything with you for this consultation, and no recommendations are possible with this short consultation.

Please be aware that Vicky Godfrey will probably make recommendations of various supplements and nutritional aids that might be of benefit to you.  These can be can be sourced by you on the internet or elsewhere.  We will supply links to places that you can purchase.   It is important that you are aware of this, so that you can budget appropriately for your initial and/or subsequent consultations.

Vicky Godfrey adapts her recommendations and strategies to the individual metabolic needs of each client.  You will therefore be asked, prior to your first consultation, to complete one, or preferably both, of these questionnaires prior to your first consultation.

Follow-Up consultations
Up to 2 hours:           £225
Up to 1 hour:             £125
Up to 30 minutes      £65

Please be aware that:

1.    If you book for a short time it will generally not be possible to extend it, on the day, should you wish to do so and

2.    You will be charged for the full time for which you have booked, even should you not choose to use it all, as that time will have been allocated to you and not made available for anyone else.


Quick Questions, after a consultation

Up to 10 minutes      £30.

These are designed to help you if you have a few quick questions but do not feel that you need a full consultation.  Please be aware that Vicky Godfrey may not have time to review your case, or have your records to hand, for these sessions.  They are designed for quick and general questions and clarifications. Pre-booking and payment are essential and can be done by phoning this office.


If these are necessary or deemed advisable, are then discussed and organised.
Fees for the tests are generally charged by, and paid directly to, the laboratories.


Even though late arrivals are unavoidable at times, clients are reminded that Vicky Godfrey might be unable to extend the appointment time, due to other subsequent commitments.  Our cancellation policy applies in such cases.




Notice of any cancellation must be given two full working days prior to your consultation time.  Otherwise a cancellation fee of 50% will be charged.

Consultations cancelled on the day they are booked will be charged at the full rate.

All Skype or phone consultations must be paid for at least 24 hours prior to the consultation, otherwise your booking will be cancelled, and the time made available for someone else.  We are sure you will understand the reasons for this.

All consultations can be in our office or by phone or by Skype