Corporate Nutrition & Wellness

However big or small your business might be, the effectiveness of your employees is more than likely at a sub-optimal level due to their below average health and wellness.

Fruits & vegetables. Employees who rarely eat fruits and vegetables at work are 93% more likely to have a higher loss in productivity.

Poor eating habits such as having no breakfast and lunch leads to a productivity loss of almost 97 million working days, worth £16.85 billion a year. People with bad diets are absent 15% more than those with good diets.

Hydration. Just a 1% decrease in hydration levels can produce a decrease of up to 20% in production levels.
Support. Those who don’t believe their workplace would support them in becoming healthier are more likely to have a drop in productivity.

Productivity. A 2012 study of 20,000 employees found that the impact of diet on productivity can be as high as 66%. Imagine how much of a difference just 20% increase in productivity would do across your organisation!
How to Improve Nutrition & Wellness at Work

Benefits of Corporate Health Through Nutritional Therapy

In 2010, stress-related disorders and absence rates cost the UK approximately £3.7 billion. This works out to 13.5 million working days and £666 per employee.

For a business that has 200 employees, this is a loss of 1,600 working days and costs the business £133,200.
Presenteeism due to mental health problems costs a business almost twice as much as absenteeism does.
If health and wellbeing levels in the workplace rose by a measly 7%, the UK economy would benefit from £12 billion extra in financing.

Presenteeism is becoming more of a problem for employers with employees arriving at work too tired, without any motivation, and lacking the ability to focus on their job.

39% of employers claim that stress-related absence rates are rising while just 12% claim the contrary.
In 2014 there were 440,000 reports of work-related stress, anxiety, or depression.

According to Coventry City Council, 11,000+ work days were lost in 2013 as a result of stress, anxiety, and depression. This is a 9% increase over the previous year’s findings.

… and now the most important reason of them all…

29% of organizations report that they shifted more of their focus towards employee health and wellbeing simply because of the economic context surrounding them. Furthermore, over 40% of public sector organizations have reported that their employees are more focused as a result of these nutritional efforts and 20% of the private sector have supported this claim.

How Nutrition Therapy Benefits Your Business

So, how can nutrition therapy ACTUALLY benefit your business? Some of the main benefits that you’ll notice are:
Absence rates will be lower
Employees will be happier and healthier
Workplace morale will improve
Employees physical and mental health will improve
Improved relationships between employer and employee
Increased rates of productivity
Staff will be more attentive to detail
Improved responsiveness among employees
You’ll be perceived as an employer who cares about their employees
This is just the tip of the iceberg. Other benefits of nutrition therapy include a less stressed workforce and better communication between your employees.

Typical Corporate Nutrition Services

Individual 1-on-1 consultations to identify and address a full array of health conditions.
Group workshops.
Managing stress with food and lifestyle changes.
Nutritional talks and seminars.
Discussing the benefits of a nutritional lifestyle.
Improving individual health and wellness.
Reducing physical and psychological stress.
Offering emotional support.

Some people find Vicky’s sessions so enlightening that they seek more intricate services and if that’s the case, all you have to do is get in touch. A customised plan will be designed for you and working alongside a team of corporate experts, Vicky will produce a carefully thought-out corporate nutritional plan that she and her team believe will push your employees into a healthier lifestyle.

Designing a dynamic nutrition program

Programs which are set in stone before a face-to-face meeting has taken place are doomed to fail. The fact is, everyone is different both physically and psychologically. Having a dynamic nutrition program in place allows us to pinpoint the nutritional values that are lacking in each individual’s life, target those values, and bring them into perspective.

Encouraging the management team to engage with their workforce.

This is often overlooked with it comes to nutritional programs. Combining our program with an actively involved management team will enhance how much of an impact the program is going to have.
When it comes to engagement there’s a lot that can be done. Managers can be more involved with running group workshops, supervisors can lessen the pressure that they put on their employees and instead offer emotional support, and so much more can be done. We highly recommend that management gets involved where possible – it’ll bring out the best of our program.

Our nutrition program is easy to follow; there’s nothing complicated

A lot of programs fail simply because when they were designed, the experts didn’t take the time to simplify things. Now, this is where a big problem lies.
Experts know significantly more about nutritional values and wellbeing than your typical employee likely would. As such, we believe that a key stage in the designing process is to simplify how our nutrition plan is run and ensure that your employees can keep up with the process.
On top of these reasons, we also make an effort to regularly track employee progress based on a range of data types, adjust the program along the way for best results, and do our best to promote a healthy working environment.

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