Vicky was recommended to me by a friend when I was desperately searching for a solution to my own and my daughter’s ongoing battle with eczema. Nothing had worked and steroid creams just seemed to make the condition worse over time.
What I loved most about Vicky’s approach was the time she took to really get to know us and our history, taking a genuinely holistic approach to the person and their health, rather than just focussing on the condition. I found it refreshing and reassuring and even talking about how the condition had manifested over the years, with flare ups coinciding with stressful times, etc was therapeutic.
Vicky suggested various approaches, taking into consideration our particular lifestyle circumstances and anything else she felt relevant, and checked in with us to tweak her suggestions for as long as it took. Both mine and my daughter’s eczema have improved immeasurably and we are more aware as a family of looking after our health and wellbeing by caring for our gut, eating ‘real’ foods and just generally being mindful of what we put into our bodies.
I’ve so far recommended Vicky’s services to two close friends and to my mum. All three were very happy with the results. I’ve also been referring to Vicky for advice these last few months during my second pregnancy.
Louisa Scott

Having been diagnosed M.E/Fibromyalgia, It was suggested I contact Vicky Godfrey to see if there was anything she could do for me. I explained all my symptoms from feeling very bloated and sick, constant fatique and a very aching body with hand cramps.
Vicky explained she thought I was suffering with a “leaky gut” and inflamation to the body, and once both these problems were addressed improvements would be seen. I took her advice and began an elimination diet cutting out all wheat, dairy, sugar and caffeine. Although very hard, after a few weeks I was starting to feel the benefits – bloating was going, no longer feeling sick and had more energy. As time continued the cramps and aching was also going. Wheat and sugar were the two main problems with my diet and as long as these were majorly restricted things would continue to improve. She advised me on vitamins and supplements to be taking and 1 year on the majority of problems have gone.
Vicky was fantastic with her advice and help, providing me with information, support and guidance every step of the way. I would highly recommend her.

Many thanks again Vicky for all your help.

Mandy Keeling

I was first introduced to Vicky Godfrey last September when I was suffering from severe back pain, stiffness after siting for a while, swollen ankles, pains in the legs, shins and a burning sensation on the soles of my feet. I have since been diagnosed with Spondylosis.
I had been to the Doctors on several occasions over quite a few months and was prescribed various medications which were of little or no help and eventually it was suggested that I had a shot of Epidural in the spine which might or might not work.
After being put in contact with Vicky she spent a long time on the phone going through my medical condition and history and I can quite honestly say that I have followed everything she suggested and although it was very hard a first I am now almost pain free a lot of the time.
I had to do a 3 week elimination diet from which we discovered that my body reacted to Wheat which caused inflammation and then the pain increased.
It has become a lifestyle change for me and I am so grateful to her for all the help and advice she has given me, although this doesn’t replace conventional medicine I find I am not reaching for the painkillers and I have become a lot healthier by taking the natural remedies that have been recommended.
Vicky is always available by text or phone if I have any problems or need advice regarding my condition.
Susan Keeling.

Vicky has been such a valuable support to me with helping my daughter who has a dairy allergy. Her knowledge and advice is second to none and she has a brilliant way of explaining things to make a ‘layperson’ like me understand! Her personalised approach to my situation made me feel so comfortable and confident in her abilities. She focuses on the long term, not just a quick fix which is something I really appreciated. She is always available if you need any extra advice, nothing is too much trouble for her and you can tell that she just loves her job as she is so passionate. I have learnt lots from Vicky and I’m very grateful as we have built this into our lives with ease, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to anyone. 5 *
Nina Simmonds

Vicky is an excellent yoga instructor as well as naturopath. Her classes are so enjoyable and I’ve really felt the benefit from her teaching. She draws on her many years experience – especially her time in India and she is always willing to listen and tailor the class to our particular needs. She has such an amazing relaxed presence and yet holds the space so well in order to help us get the most out of our yoga practice. I cannot recommend her highly enough!! 5*

Anmuz Pixie

Vicky has open my mind with yoga! I have so much more energy and vitality since doing yoga, with her in a class room and or via Skype. Her knowledge of health, personal and for your children is invaluable. Her personnel energy and positivity in life is a ‘”breath of fresh air”! Amazing lady xx 5*

Rachel Batchelor